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Our company's founder, Nikos, Daskalakis, establishes Delta Force Security in the center of Glyfada. Almost immediately, the municipality of Glyfada trusts our innovative for the time services and uses them to shops, shopping malls, houses, organizations and corporations.

Our company's logo dominates, and the Mobile and CityGuardPatrol services become popular while they help the company expand.


Roula Koromila and the morning TV show Proinos Kafes (morning coffee) broadcasted by ΑNT1, uses our services in every show. Our company introduces in Greece the concept of security during TV events, and even organizes the safe transport of VIP guests in Athens and elsewhere.


The Company is put in charge of the security for Olympic Airways, for other airline companies and Greek airports and thus significantly contributes in formulating new practices and international security methods, which lead Olympic Airways to improve security in all airports, while Greece is upgraded from a level B to a level A in airport security. FAA and USA waive the travel warnings addressing our airports safety.


We introduce the concept of offering security services to TV broadcasting crews and reporters during conflicts and in war zones. Services are offered by private security companies and high risk, real-life scenarios are dealt with successfully.

Also, Delta Force becomes the first company to advertise its services on TV.


Delta Force Security, designs a plan for the Municipal Police and for the entire security needs of the Municipality of Kallithea. It is also selected, after a tender, to offer security and protection services for the Municipality of Maroussi, covering all municipal buildings, the Sygrou forest, kindergartens, schools, Technological Educational Institutes and the Municipality. Also it is tasked with selecting and training the Municipality's police force.

Mr. Tzanikos, the Mayor at the time, receives congratulatory remarks from the local press and citizens of Maroussi for the services offered.


Despite his young age, our founder is voted Vice President to the Hellenic Association of Security Companies (SEEA), the primary collective body for security companies. This is only the start of his wide engagement and participation in regulating Private Security Companies and their personnel.


The Automobile and Touring Club of Greece, ELPA, trusts Delta Force Security services for the critical -in terms of security- event of the Rally Acropolis (if security was compromised to the slightest degree, then the Rally would not be hosted again in Greece).

As of us, once more we meet the challenge as even the President FIΑ (Federation International Automobile) is not allowed to enter the security zone, without his credentials, and he even congratulated us for the quality of our services.

During the same year, our founder is unanimously voted President of the Hellenic Association of Security Companies, leading our profession towards formal regulation and is set in charge of the negotiations with the competent Ministry on L. 2518/97.


Private Greek Security Companies and their personnel are since then fully regulated and our profession earns credibility and new solid foundations thus attracting new clients and investors.

Football clubs such as Panionios, Ethnikos, Ionikos and Proodeytiki, take the first step and trust us with the most difficult task of offering security services in football stadiums, teams etc.

We manage to introduce the concept of event security in Greek stadiums and in this way we assist the work of the Greek Police Force, in its truly difficult task. Currently more than 15000 security guards offer security services in Greek stadiums even weekend.


We are the first to cooperate with the Civil Aviation Agency and be the first private company (DELTA FORCE SECURITY) to formally train security personnel, screeners in particular, but also other experts. We had since then identified the huge gap in this sector and knew that it was a key requirement for Airport Security Services, where thousands of employees feel safe thanks to us.

At the same time, our company's VIP department successfully takes on to cover the security detail of the delegation of the Price of AbuDabi in Greece (perhaps the richest man on the planet).


At Delta Force Security, we consider training a key factor in service provision; thus we open the first in Greece private security training center for personnel, using fully our own facilities. The aim is to offer theoretical and practical training to security personnel of all levels, per area of expertise, ensuring their full training and certified expertise.

The Delta Force Security Training Center establishes international cooperations and makes use of the wide know-how having students from Greece and abroad (NIKOS DASKALAKIS, DANNY THEOFANIDES, ALEXANDROS KOUROS, EVANGELOS SARRIS, GIORGOS PATERAKIS, ILIAS PAPAIOANOU, are some of the trainers who guarantee quality of training).


Greece will host the Olympic Games.

The President of the Hellenic Association of Security Companies and our founder organizes with success a numerous Conferences and Forums seeking international partners and aiming at know-how transfer for the field and the company, thus preparing the ground for 2004. In cooperation with NewGenesis the first international fair and conference of security companies and services is organized; both are very successful and attract participants from all over the world.


Our founder and partners travel abroad, participating in Conferences and forums, receiving know-how and meeting new partners (IMI, ABS, etc).

Delta Force Security is leading risk assessment studies for the Olympic facilities and venues.


Israel Military Industry (IMI) officially invites our founder in Israel and after receiving the proper training he is evaluated and classified together with the company, as COMMANDER. His cooperation is asked for training VIP security personnel for the 2004 Olympic Games, familiarizing both himself and the company with the International Experience of Israeli Practices and Methods.

During the same year, the company sings a partnership agreement with ABSConsulting, the largest company is security planning for port authorities, according to ISPS standards. Numerous trainings seminars are organized for all parties involved while our founder travels to Ulsan of Korea and visits the HUNDAY shipyards to receive the isps certification for the first double hull of Athenian shipping.


The Year of the Olympic Games

Delta Force Security is authorized by the Ministry of Mercantile Marine as a Certified Security Body and is commissioned with the difficult and challenging study for the security of the Hellenic Petroleum Group.

Delta Force Security is the company that most diplomatic delegations trust with the protection of VIP guests; the VIP Services department gains an international recognition of the delivery of its services.

The General Manager of the International Olympic Committee, URSLAKOTE chooses for himself and his family the best, in his opinion, bodyguard. Who else??

Our founder, Nikos Daskalakis, of course!!


Delta Force Security upgrades its services as far as Security in Greek Hospitals is concerns and offers its services there as well.


Delta Force Security offers with success security services in large department stores and offers new, pioneering security methods.


The expert personnel travels aboard to train the crew of Aviation and Shipping companies on new security methods and on ISPS. DFSS, continues on the track that we have created, opening new paths.


Service provision is always based on the detailed selection and high-quality training of our personnel, at all ranks, and on our ongoing improvement with new know-how which is transferred via seminars abroad particularly in shipping companies.


In cooperation with Intergym Karate, we upgrade our training center, offering new training to the students of Dfss Training Centre, including all self-defence levels and unarmed defence against malicious attacks.


DFSS is the first Security Company in Greece to introduce the DNA method to assist us in the provision of our services, in cooperation with the DNALogy genetics lab and Dr. Giorgos Fitsialos.
Ask us how DNA and Private Security services can assist you and we will be happy to answer.



Our DELTAFORCE SECURITY TRAINING CENTER trains specialized personnel which is going to staff security teams to protect ships from pirates and other terrorist activities.



The company plans security measures for big port facilities and shipping companies in Greece and aboard, in accordance tot eh international ISPS code.

We prepare International Security Seminars always based on the same philosophy:


and we are staring to believe that our founder was perhaps right to call Delta Force Security as the NIKOS GKALIS of the Greek security industry.