Specialized Security Solutions Beyond Expactations

Security services in each space

Our security experts are trained to protect your venues, your personnel and visitors. At Delta Force we pay extra attention to our personnel's training and ongoing readiness since our clients' safety relies on it. As crime continues to grow, expert security detail deployed in busy buildings and facilities has become an indispensible service, also preventing any type of terrorist activity.

Delta Force offers security services in many venues, such as:

• Airports and airline companiesLOGO-SMALL
• Corporations and local offices
• Port facilities
• Industrial and plant facilities
• Commercial chains, shopping malls
• Public service
• Convention centers, Conference venues, concerts and all types of events, etc.
• Sports facilities
• Warehouses
• Parking spaces
• Private houses
• Hospitals and institutions
• Banks
• Hotels
• Education centers
• Embassies
• Schools
• Settlements and house complexes
• Marina piers and fish centers
• Boats
• Ships safety
• Multi-floor buildings