Specialized Security Solutions Beyond Expactations

Immediate Response Service

Night Patrol Check & Alarm Investigation

For this Delta Force Security service a patrol vehicle manned with a security guard is dispatched, as soon as possible, to the site from where the alarm signal was received by the company's system, or following the call from an authorized person, identified by a single code. The service is provided throughout the year on a 24/7 basis. Patrol vehicles are fully equipped, manned with a security guard and are guided via a VHF from the Central Station.

The security guard-driver is provided with all the necessary information, such as zone and specific site of violation, which allows him to thoroughly and promptly investigate the site from where the signal was transmitted. The training and wide experience of the security guard-drivel enable him to deal with practically every situation and respond to it with success. In case of evidence of a break-in, or damage, then the site is guarded until the authorized personnel or the person responsible for the site arrives on site. Otherwise, the security guard-driver of the patrol vehicle fills out a special form which is kept in the house, until the next day when there is briefing on the event.

Also, the Immediate Response Service assists the persons responsible for the site's control to carry out, when required, thorough checks in the electronic systems or in the communications with the Alarm Control Center (on-off), and verify the cause for the activation of their alarm system. This service also allows for a digital recording of the visit, following such a request from the client.