Security Services


Security services for each space

Appropriately trained and experienced staff undertakes the protection of premises in order to ensure the integrity of the facility, staff and visitors of the respective site. Regarding the staff of Delta Force, great importance is given to its training and continuous readiness, because it is based on the safety of its customers. With the ever-increasing crime rate, the presence of experienced security personnel in high-traffic buildings and facilities has become essential, as it is a deterrent to any form of terrorist activity.

The areas protected by Delta Force through its security personnel are many and some are listed below:LOGO-SMALL

• Airports and Airlines

• Businesses and offices
• Port facilities
• Industrial and factory facilities
• Shopping chains, shopping malls
• Public services
• Exhibitions, Conferences, concerts, and all kinds of events, etc.
• Sports facilities
• Warehouses
• Parking spaces
• housing
• Hospitals and institutions
• bank branches
• Hotel security
• training centers
• Guarding of Embassies
• Schools
• Settlements and house complexes
• Marinas and fish ladders
• Boat safes
• Ship security
• Block of flats

Manned Security Services (Patrol)

Preventive Inspection Service

Delta Force Security, a pioneer in Mobile Patrol services, has a response network for the entire basin, with highly trained staff and ally the latest technology based on which our fleet patrols are manned (GPS, SATELITE, LAPTOPS etc).
Our company undertakes the obligation to send a wireless patrol vehicle, fully equipped and manned with a uniformed employee, who will fully check the safety of the space daily, at random intervals, every night and always on a different route for security reasons. The purpose of sending the patrol car for security control of the area is:
• The on-site arrival of the patrol in the building, at times chosen by the business department of the company

• Carrying out an external investigation to find evidence of burglary. In case of detection of such indications, his mission is to immediately inform the Police and the subscriber and then to try to prevent the identified danger, with those actions that at the discretion of the employee are the most appropriate. In any case, a written report is made on a special form, which remains in the store to inform the subscriber, while the Alarm Signal Reception Center informs the subscriber, for any relevant question, at any time.

The patrols are configured, depending on the customer’s requirements, in a physically or electronically controlled way of providing our services.

24-hour Alarm Signal Management Center

Delta Force Security has a state-of-the-art Center for Receiving & Processing Alarm & Video Signals, with systems of European standards that ensure high availability of services, data security, fast response and service, through the most modern modes of transmission.

The Delta Force Security Signal Reception Center has all the necessary infrastructure to cover effectively and in “real” time the full range of alarm signals (burglary, panic, fire) received from locally installed alarm systems in the protected areas it controls. , always for the benefit of the safety of its customers.

The specially trained Delta Force Security personnel, receiving an alarm signal at the Signal Reception Center from a protected area, are able to perceive the seriousness of each signal and the situation and take immediate and key action, mobilizing the mechanism provided by the general and specific instructions of the company, which are the same as those of the ISO standard.

Depending on the event, the Immediate Action, the Fire Service, the First Aid, the subscriber, the person in charge of the area or the people in charge who have been appointed by the subscriber himself (eg relatives, neighbors, etc. are informed). .), the installer – maintainer – technician of the security system in cases of detection of damage or sabotage, and others, depending on the signal.

If you choose the immediate intervention service of Delta Force Security, one of our patrols, properly equipped and with uniformed security personnel, comes to your place immediately – many times faster than the Greek police patrols. The Signal Reception Center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing, among other things, telephone instructions and tips for operating security systems to its subscribers, 24 hours a day.

Immediate Intervention Service

Night Patrol Check & Alarm Investigation

This is a service of Delta Force Security, in the framework of which a patrol vehicle of the sector with uniformed personnel is sent, as soon as possible, to any alarm signal that will be received by the company system or even after a call of an authorized person, with unidentified identification password, daily and for all days of the year. The patrol vehicles are properly equipped and manned by uniformed security personnel and are guided by the Central Station via VHF.

The driving guard is given all the necessary information, such as zone and point of violation, in order to perform a complete and fast control in the area covered by the stimulated system. The thorough training of the guard-driver, as well as the great experience he has, makes him able to face any problem that arises and to respond effectively to any situation. In case of burglary or damage, the area is guarded µuntil the arrival of the person in charge or his authorized representative, for the safe delivery of the area. Otherwise, it is completed by the guard-driver of the patrol special form in the house, so that there is the possibility of information about the incident the next day.

The Immediate Access service also helps the site administrators to carry out, whenever necessary, thorough checks on the electronic systems or the communication with the K.L.S. (on-off), in order to safely determine the reason for which their alarm system was activated. In the above service, there is also the possibility of electronic recording of the visit, if requested by the customer.

Personal Security and Escort (VIP)

Delta Force Security high-risk personal security guards are all selected and certified with strict criteria and experienced in the field of escorting and guarding VIPs. These are people from security corps such as the Coast Guard and the U.K., with continuing education according to international standards in all areas of their responsibility, with full training in martial arts, weapons and explosives, first aid, and manage emergency situations, capable of successfully protecting any natural person of high importance.

All transfers of our customers are made with the specialized VIP aircraft and vehicles of Delta Force Security, inside and outside the Greek borders, with absolute safety, confidence, discretion, and top professionalism.

Transportation of Valuables and Persons

Delta Force Security undertakes the absolutely safe and timely transport of valuables and persons throughout Greece and abroad, both by road and by air, where it is transported by experienced pilots of the company itself, with confidentiality and discretion. To ensure a high level of protection, transport by road is carried out with special vehicles and specialized and experienced security personnel of absolute confidence.

Before any transfer, a plan is drawn up by experienced executives to chart the shortest and safest route, in order to prevent all possible dangers.

Air money shipments

Delta Force Security provides the ability to securely transfer money to banks or private organizations over the air.
With a cooperating fleet of aircraft in a network that covers all of Greece and specific destinations abroad, the company guarantees the safe and immediate transfer of money and valuables.

A very serious advantage for our customers is the fast processing of remittances, in the minimum required time, compared to traditional road remittances. For example, a delivery of money to Crete that took at least two days, with the Delta Force Security airline network in less than four hours, at almost the same cost.

Electronic Security Systems

• Alarm Systems – Detectors
• Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
• Integrated security systems
• Perimeter protection
• Access control system
• Goods trapping and control systems
• Fire Alarm Systems
• Closed-circuit circuits
• Satellite Security Systems for locating vehicles and engines
• Personal Alarm with satellite tracking (panic button) revolutionary product-see details here
• Fire protection & gas detection
• Studies of electronic security systems

Guarding of Foreign Missions of the Diplomatic Corps

The company Delta Force Security has now been identified with the effective guarding of Diplomatic Missions. It is no coincidence that the largest volume of diplomatic missions during the 2004 Olympic Games entrusted its security to the company.

Delta Force Security has specially selected and trained personnel to guard diplomats and their families, while taking full responsibility for guarding high-risk facilities, including Public Bodies, banks, oil, gas and hotel companies, but also politicians or party rallies, socio-political unrest, terrorist acts, etc …

Scientifically trained personnel undertake the consulting training of security plans, with the aim of increasing the existing security measures and reducing the risk in the aforementioned areas, while specially trained and trained personnel are available for the specific guards.