Cyclades Air Transfer


Exclusive Cyclades AIR Transfer

 Taking a private jet for your business or leisure trip could be more affordable than
whatever you think…
Travelers fly in and out of small, private airports, where they usually do not have to deal with transport safety management and can arrive just five to 15 minutes before departure time.
Find out about last minute offers, which is the new service “SuiteDeal” for your personal travel.

Luxury Helicopter Transfer

Your private pilot undertakes your transportation by Helicopter. The high standard service for fast, comfortable and safe transportation, covers 3-6 passengers and is for flights during the day.
Talk to our representative about the destinations that are constantly growing!

Exclusive Cyclades Yacht Vacation services

A chartered boat is one of the unforgettable pleasures of life. A few days of vacation can be equated with the absolutely satisfying rewards of a private shelter in a luxurious environment, while traveling from one spectacular destination to the next,
in the unique blue of the Cyclades!