Anonymous Investigators


We are a research team specializing in commercial and private affairs.

Our ability is mainly based on the fact that we all have experience in the fields of investigative journalism and economic analysis.


This background has provided us with an extensive network of reliable sources, with great accessibility to the highest levels.

Specifically, we are active in business, commercial and private investigations, searches in public archives (local press and internet), creation of corporate and personal profiles, legal-financial control, forensic investigations and fraud investigation, legal support in lawsuits, etc.
At the level of personal affairs, we deal with the detection of persons and property, surveillance, civil and private disputes, marital and family affairs, etc.

In Greece, our team has collaborated with companies and research companies on a regular basis. Our current clients include some of the largest international companies in the field of business research, as well as smaller companies and individuals.

Our services include:

Business research
Private and family surveys
Investigation of claims for insurance compensation
Investigation of statements of damages and injuries
Research on personal relationships
Investigation of intellectual property theft
Asset verification, legal-financial control, profile setting
Investigation of corporate partnerships and mergers
Security controls, design of security measures, corporate security
Asset protection
Family / home security and protection
Corporate forecasts
Personal security and escort
Search for missing persons, debtors, control of employees

If you are interested in cooperating, contact us to discuss your case further.